Ethos 2018

Ethos will be on the Friday evenings of the 20th April and 9th November.
Line up still in negotiation BUT there will be very funny people performing with an ethos in the lovely environment of ACE SPACE in Newbury.
Put the dates in your diary now


What a night

Ian Maconald MC at Ethos Comedy

The second Ethos Comedy was an extraordinary night of sustained and raucous laughter.

Ian Macdonald at the helm hosting Mark Williams, Matthew Truesmith, Neil O’Rourke, Heidi Regan, and Headliner Tony Vino; all of whom brought comedy to life in a highly energized room.

“A superb evening’s entertainment…so good, in fact, that I woke up with something I can only describe as a ‘laughter induced hangover!” (message from one audience member)