Comedy with an Ethos


In conversation about comedy I have encountered lots of people who have never or rarely been to live comedy. They like the idea but are put off by a number of anxieties that seem to boil down broadly to one or usually both of these.

I don’t want to get picked on
I’m uncomfortable with XXX rated content and language

So the idea of Ethos Comedy is to provide great evenings that are just as funny (if not more so) but with an ethos that means no-one gets picked on, and the show tries its best to live in a PG or 15 category. A show filled with laughter that hits the spot for newbees and veterans alike.

I’ve seen this model working and working well. At Edinburgh I had some slots at the ‘Clean as Possible Comedy Show’ which was such a great gig to perform at. What I loved was that every show was packed, and they were enthusiastic audiences that included people who didn’t usually go to live comedy. Great as well to see parents coming  along with their teenagers and enjoying the mirth, mischief and madness as a family.


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